In the past, the local Sarawak food delicacies like the Sarawak Laksa, Kolo Mee, Sago Biscuits, Sarawak Pepper, Kek Lapis,Umai, etc were not being well promoted in the international arena. It was not even much promoted to our counterpart in Peninsula Malaysia. It was through word-of-mouth from the many visitors and tourists to Sarawak whom had the luxury of tasting these fabulous dishes that they were made known to the people abroad.

Presently some of these products or their ingredients are already being marketed in Peninsula Malaysia. A few even made it into the international markets. Some of these products need further improvement in order for them to be competitive in the international markets especially in the standard of the products, their packaging, the customer and delivery services and the marketing strategies. An area that is still very much lacking in term of exposure to the international markets are the local Sarawak food pre-mixes and ingredients.

With the changing life-style of people around the world and their hectic life-style nowadays, when coming to preparing a meal,convenient and ease is always at the top of their mind. A good range of easy to prepare qualty ready-to-cook pre-mixes will be what they are looking for to help prepare a quick and delicious meal.

Sarawak Laksa Delight - Associate Company of MUSC Food Industries Sdn. Bhd.

Sarawak Laksa Delight is MUSC associate company set up by one of its director to take on the role of promoting MUSC products via sampling activities and taking up stalls during events to conduct cooking demonstrations and selling variety of dishes all using the MUSC paste to cook.

Besides helping to promote MUSC products, the company is also embarking on a CSR project to provide a platform for MUSC to make contributions back to the society. More details on the Corporate Social Responsibility ( CSR ) project can be obtained from the official website of Sarawak Laksa Paste by clicking the link on the right hand-side.