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Existing Products

Various activities had been conducted​ in and around Kuching city to help promote our products to the general public.

The major highlight of our activities is always the free sampling of dishes using our MUSC paste and pre-mixes to cook. This is where we get a chance to introduce and explain the usage of our products with potential customers. Many people who had the privilege to sample the numerous dishes that we prepared were always amazed with the versatility of our Sarawak Laksa Paste. Besides using to cook the famous Sarawak Laksa, the paste can also be used for cooking many other dishes as can be seen in our "Recipes" page.

The positive feedback we get from all these activities encourages us further to deliver many more quality products in the near future to savour the public at large.

Promotion Activities

Existing products

1.   MUSC Sarawak Laksa Paste


2.   MUSC Sambal Belacan Paste​

3.   MUSC Sambal Nasi Lemak Paste


4.   MUSC Curry Chicken Paste

5.   MUSC Curry Fish Paste

6.   MUSC Assam Fish Paste

7.   MUSC Assam Prawn Paste

8.   MUSC Rendang Paste

9.   MUSC Masak Merah Paste

10. MUSC Taiwan Beef Noodle Paste


100G, 200G, 1KG

100G, ​200G, 1KG

​100G, 200G, 1KG

100G, 200G, 1KG

100G, 200G, 1KG

100G, 200G, 1KG

100G, 200G, 1KG

100G, 200G, 1KG

100G, 200G, 1KG


150G, 300G, 600G, 1KG


Cooking Demonstration

Future Products Range

1.   MUSC Sauces

2.   MUSC Sarawak Pepper Products

2.   MUSC Pre-packed spices ( whole & powdered )

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